Pro Plus Package – (The Sequoia)

We Plant. We Grow It. You Benefit.

The Pro Plus Package (The Sequoia) is for business owners that want an inbound marketing strategy built, maintained, and analyzed monthly for higher search engine exposure. This package will help today’s savvy searcher to engage with your brand and presence online allowing you to increase customer acquisition, retention, credibility, and, in the end, your bottom line.

Here you get a full presence and the boost you need each month to grow and scale your business presence online!

That is why we are here, to help you from start to finish build, brand and manage a successful presence online reaching all the goals you have set forth with your online business presence…  (See The Includes Below).

Helping You Grow & Scale A Better Presence Online For You. Get The Sequoia Today. Let Us Do It All For You.

Pro Plus $3997 Set-up/$1250 Monthly Management Fee (LET US DO IT ALL!)

WordPress Set-up Includes:

  • High-end Professional Theme – Lead Generating and Mobile Responsive Application with Professional Design, Giving Your Business a Unique Customized Website
  • Our Suite of Top Plugins Installed – Our List of Top Essential Plugins to Ensure Optimal Performance of Your Website in the Search Engines
  • Up to Ten Custom Pages (Blog Page Included) – Ten Custom Website Pages Based on Your Business Needs
  • Site Index Inclusion – Submission of Your Website to Tell the Search Engines That Your Site Exists and Should Be Included in Their Index
  • Landing Page Creation– Creation and Installation of a Landing Page with Implemented Calls-to-Action (CTAs) to Maximize Conversions
  • Opt-in Form Installation – Creation and Installation of an Email Opt-in Form with Clear and Effective Calls-to-Action (CTAs)
  • Email Marketing Campaign Set-up – Creation and Set-up of Highly Targeted E-mail Campaign with Accurate Results Tracking
  • Onsite Social Media – Installation of Social Media Icons and Social Share Plugins For Connecting and Sharable Content
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Optimization of Page Titles and Meta Descriptions with Suggested Keywords

Benefits: Improve Online Branding, Find New Clients or Customers and Convert Leads into Sales

Blog Page Set-up Includes:

  • Up To 5 Blog Articles Per Month– Website Blog Posting with Suggested Keywords and Image that Engages Readers and Drives Action
  • Once a Week Blog Post Sharing – Sharing of Blog Posts to Offsite Social Media Channels and Popular Bookmarking Platforms that Provides Value and Drives Traffic

Benefits: Business Growth Through Relevant Content That is Updated and Shared on a Consistent Basis 

Social Media Set-up Includes:

  • Facebook Page – Set-up of Business Page, Posting Status Updates 1-3 Times Per Day, and Commenting and Interacting with Fans
  • Twitter – Set-up of Profile, Posting Tweets 1-3 Times Per Day, Interaction with Followers, and Finding and Interacting with Top Influencers
  • Google Plus – Set-up of Branding Page and Posting Updates 1-3 Times Per Day
  • Google Plus Local Listing – Set-up and Maintain Local Plus Page, Optimize Account, Position to Attract Local business, and Set-up on Top Directories and Citation
  • LinkedIn –Set-up Profile, Branding as an Expert, and Create a Marketing Strategy
  • Pinterest – Set-up Account, Create Industry Related Boards, Upload Client Content and Find Industry Related Content, Connect to Facebook and Twitter, and Create Posting Strategy

Benefits: By Growing Large Targeted Following, You Can Invite People to Your Website and Drive Them to Other Social Media Assets

Web Analytics Set-up and Configuration Includes:

  • Google Webmaster Tools Installation– Installation of Webmaster Tools and Detail Reporting on Pages Visibility on Google
  • Monthly Analysis & Reporting– Installation and Configuration of Analytics and Monthly Reporting of Measurable Results That Will Provide Insight to Your Online Presence and Visitor Activity for Growth and ROI
  • Monthly Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns Management for Web Analytics & Facebook (Cost Per Click not included)–Creation of Campaigns to Drive Valuable Traffic to your Website with Regular Monitoring of Results Against Pre-established Goals and Ads Budgets (No Minimum Budget Requirement)
  • Ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)– Site Performance Review, Monthly Strategies Planning, and Monthly Competitor Analysis Review and Suggestions
  • Ongoing Brand Management– One Bad Review or One Negative Comment Can Appear in Search Results for Your Business, Managing Your Online Reputation can Ensure You’re Not Losing Business Due to Negative or Misinformation

Benefits: Insights to Grow, Improve, and Optimize Your Business

* Emailed to you by the 15th of the month for the previous month’s statistics. These reports indicate changes in rankings, visitor statistics, conversion tracking, and SEO work performed.


We Plant. We Grow. You Benefit.

Pro Plus $3997 Set-up/$1250 Monthly Management Fee

The goal of Solo Pine Marketing is to help your business engage customers by creating a solid and full service web presence . This allows today’s savvy searcher to engage with your brand and presence online allowing you to increase customer acquisition, retention, credibility, and, in the end, your bottom line.

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