Lights, Camera, Actionable! | Video Marketing For Your Business

Lights, Camera, Actionable! | Video Marketing For Your Business

Lights, Camera, Actionable! | Video Marketing For Your Business

Yep, actionable! That is exactly what video marketing can be for your business presence online. As a matter of fact, most mobile content that is consumed is via video, no joke.

Why is video so popular? We,, it’s simple, because in the end, it’s easier to digest…

Bit size content marketing is how we go about garnering eyeballs today, and below, I want to show you how video can do just that, get them to take a sample, then lead them to the rest…

Facts About Video Marketing.

1. Videos Increase People’s Understanding Of Your Product Or Service by 74%

2. YouTube Is The Number Two Search Engine In The World

3. A Third Of All Online Activity Is Spent Watching Video

4. The Average Internet User Is Exposed To An Average Of 32.2 Videos In A Month

5. Every Day 100 Million Internet Users Watch An Online Video

6. 50% Of Users Watch Business Related Videos On YouTube Once A Week

7. 75% Of Users Visit The Marketer’s Website After Viewing A Video

8. 75% Of Executives Watch Work-Related Videos On Business Websites At Least Once A Week)

9. An Average User Spends 16 Minutes 49 Seconds Watching Online Video Ads Every Month

10. 80% Of Internet Users Remember The Video Ads They Watch Online

11. 26% Of Internet Users Look For More Information After Viewing A Video Ad

12. 22% Of Internet Users Visit The Website Named In A Video Ad They Viewed

13. After Visiting A Video Ad, 12% Of Viewers Purchase The Specific Product Featured In The Ad

14. Website Visitors Are 64% More Likely To Buy A Product On An Online Retail Site After Watching A Video

15. Real Estate Listings With Videos Receive 403% More Inquiries Than Those Without Videos

16. Click-Through Rates Increase 2-3 Times When Marketers Include A Video In An Email

17. Subscriber To Lead Conversation Rates Increase 51% When Video Is Included In Email Marketing Campaign

18. 80% Of Your Online Visitors Will Watch A Video, While Only 20 Percent Will Actually Read Content In Its Entirety

19. Your Website Is 50 Times More Likely To Appear On The First Page Of A Search Engine Results Page If It Includes Video

Digital Sherpa was not the only organization to come up with these same statistics here. As a matter of fact, tested through some of us at SPM, video in some aspects, has out preformed most content types, period.

Video Is Actionable.

Yes, video can create actionable results for you, but in reality, video is actionable for the visitor. What I mean by this is the fact that video can people cued in longer…it can build excitement and keep them excited.


Here is something else, including video that is not just educational, but fun and interesting to boot can truly make your traffic believers!

See, selling points are fine, but educating and, even entertaining people can have better and lasting results when mixed in properly.

Many businesses online create only branded sales video, and in some cases, it works. But, interesting material based around your community as a whole can set you apart.

SEO Factors Of Video Marketing.

Let’s look at the two most valuable SEO factors of video.

1. Time On Site.

This is the one thing that tells the major search engines how important and authoritative your website is to people.

If you are having and suffering from high bounce rates and less than average time on site, video will take care of that! The average length will depend on the subject matter, but a good rule of thumb is 10 minutes or less.

2. Conversion Rates.

Above you will see that video increases conversion rates by 12%. Personally speaking, I have seen higher, much higher, but this is  safe number you could almost depend on.

Converting people/visitors into subscribers and onto customers is your end goal here, this is why video is so important, nothing personalizes your message and it’s products and services better I believe than video…

Lights, Camera, Actionable!

The only issue I have ever come across that truly kills your video marketing efforts…is nervousness. Don’t be. As a matter of fact, more people will enjoy the fact you went out of your way to educate them more, than will not.

Get yourself in front of the camera today, start taking action and watch your business presence online explode!

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