I am the husband of one amazing woman, father of four beautiful kids, and co-creator of one great place to work called Solo Pine Marketing.

troy schuylerMy name is Troy Schuyler and I was born and raised in southern Oregon.  When I’m not banging away at the keyboard, I can usually be found either refueling at the local Starbucks… or hiking/camping somewhere up the beautiful North Umpqua River with my family.

For the past 20+ years I have enjoyed a career in marketing and real estate.  With a focus on lead generation and conversion, it was my theory that it didn’t really matter how many leads I could generate if I wasn’t able to convert those leads into either a paying client or a referral source.

I first met David 5 years ago at a youth skateboarding park and we quickly became friends.  As David explained to me what he did for a living, I remember the “light bulb” moment when I realized the incredible opportunities that online marketing could open up for my profession.

I quickly became fascinated… and that’s when my online journey began.  My fascination quickly grew into a passion, and from there… well I guess you can say I became a student of the “art” of online marketing. The rest is history in the making.

I have been involved in all areas of online business building, from content marketing to SEO, and everything in-between, and although my techniques have changed to adapt to web marketing, my theory and focus are still the same, lead generation and conversion.

I was excited to have the opportunity to partner with two good friends, who were also extremely talented marketers, David Boozer and Jessica Hernandez.  The three of us, along with other staff members have combined our talents and strengths to create a solutions based digital marketing agency that cares about the success of our clients.

What I Do, What I Believe…

With my background in social media, lead generation, and conversion, it is my job to make sure your online sales funnels are complete, optimized, and shareable for best results.  Some of the most commonly neglected areas are email marketing & follow up, social media, and the call to action (offer).

Conversion, conversion, conversion… that’s what it all boils down to.  Your conversion process is what determines whether your audience will accept you, buy your products or services, and share your content, or reject it altogether.  Make no mistake about it, it all comes down to conversion.

Together, we’ll build your online sales funnels in a fresh, creative way that will generate more leads.  Then, we’ll help you structure your conversion and follow up systems to help you build your prospecting list, get more social shares, build trust, and ultimately, close more sales.

It doesn’t matter how many leads you can generate if you’re not able to convert them into either paying customers or a referral source.  ts

With that said, we have a unique partnering approach where we immerse ourselves into the needs of our clients.  We are personal, reachable, and we actually care about our clients success.  We are an in-house service agency which means we don’t outsource our work to other foreign or national companies.  That’s also the reason we’re so selective with who we choose to contract with.

If you believe our firm would be a good fit for you, and you would like to discuss the possibility of hiring us to help you build, brand, and manage your presence online, we would welcome the possibility.  With that said… I’m off to Starbucks for my daily dose:)  Thank you for your consideration.