Hi, my name is Jessica Hernandez, co-creator of Solo Pine Marketing. For many years now I have consulted small business and entrepreneurs with their web presence and local SEO marketing.

jessica hernandezI have been fortunate to have been coached and mentored by some of the best Internet marketing experts. I’m proud to say David Boozer is on top of the list and it has been a pleasure working with him through out all these years.

My journey in Internet Marketing started five years ago when my youngest was born. Prior to that I worked in the law field and that’s where I developed my strong work ethics. However, my values and passion to help others succeed with their online presence stems from my beliefs, knowing I have found a passion and a purpose.

I went back to school and started pursuing my Masters degree in Internet Marketing. Graduating with this expertise has given me the core foundation I was anticipating. This coupled with expert advice and a vision inspired me to stay open for an opportunity to help others succeed with their online marketing.

Teaming up with my amazing friends, David Boozer and Troy Schuyler with Solo Pine Marketing was just the opportunity I was looking for. Being able to work together and have the same goals in mind for your success is truly phenomenal!

What I Do, What I Believe…

As a Web Analytics and Inbound Marketing Specialist, my job is to assess and improve the effectiveness of your website. This can be done with both off-site and on-site Web Analytics and your inbound marketing metrics.

There are four main benefits of measuring your inbound marketing.

1. Identifying what’s working.
2. Identifying what’s not working.
3. Identifying ways to improve.
4. Implementing more of the tactics that work to improve marketing performance.

I believe Web Analytics is an important part of your online marketing strategies. There are so many different marketing channels you should be measuring with your marketing analytics, from blogging to email marketing to landing pages and social media. The beauty of regular measuring and analyzing your marketing is that it gives you the foresight into future decisions.

How one reacts to a message online is something that we can analyze and determine whether or not a particular marketing method or practice is really working.

I’m a problem solver and driving measurable results in marketing efforts gives me the satisfaction that I am helping business obtain the right amount of exposure through the web. By analyzing the data produced you can use the information to make decisions that will be useful for the life of your business.

All my best,

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