Hello, my name is David Boozer, co-creator of Solo Pine Marketing. For years I have consulted for a few Fortune 500 companies and thousands of individuals around the globe build, brand and manage their business interests online.


And, while that is my day job, in reality, I am simply a believer, husband and father who lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I love the PNW and all it has to offer. It is a great place to raise a family, go on an adventure and, work from the comfort of home on building your online business presence…with coffee in hand.

Solo Pine Marketing was my brain child from the beginning. I started out in the consulting industry, even worked doing SEO and Content Marketing for a large company or two. However, I preferred calling my own shots, and helping others build something together that was lasting online.

Being and SEO Specialist for another company curbed my own creativity to, a creativity that had transformed many failing business owners online into successful ones for many years.

So, I followed the Lord and what was in my heart, and here we are…Solo Pine Marketing. This is my passion; to help you build a lasting, traffic driving and converting presence online…

With my three great friends Troy Shcuyler, Jessica Hernandez and Guy Pizzi, we have combined our special areas of interest within the SEO and Brand Building practices online to create a solution for any business looking to build, brand and have someone else manage their interests online.

By the way, Troy, Jessica and Guy gave me the control over the theme design, so please do not take it out on them (I laugh).

What I Do, What I Believe…

As an SEO and Content Marketing Specialist, it is my job to keep up on industry standards and practices. I follow only sage advice from recognized friends within the industry and, my own from the years I have spent practicing my trade. Your business means everything to me, never forget that, and never underestimate it.

I like clean, crisp and personalized, it is what truly reaches the potential customers and traffic you will see.

Search Engine Optimization is basically, optimizing for people first, search engines second.

A mixture of paid media and content is the call for the day today. As a matter of fact, 86% of searchers and customers online today prefer a company to have at least some amount of content to back up who and what they are and stand for. They want to be informed, nothing more, nothing less.

Many ask me how it is you go about building traffic and conversion of that traffic today, and I say; “we live in the information age, so give them just that, information…”

Not a very complicated way to look at things, but it is amazing how most businesses and their presence online lacks it. Not here, not ever. What a successful digital marketing agency or firm knows today, is that more content is needed. See, in the end, adverts are nice, but content builds what is most important for us to convert that traffic, authority and trust. This is the currency here.

So, with that, I think I will call it a day with this about page. Please, take a minute to consider us for your future online, we truly do care about your business…and it’s effectiveness.

God Bless,